Famous Inked Models is a branch inside Famous Modeling Agency. We kept getting tons of submissions with Models with Tattoo's and didn't realize how big and accepted the Tattoo Model Industry and Tattoo Industry in general was becoming. And we also realized that there wasn't many Agencies dedicated to Tattoo Models, mostly just groups. Which groups only want to promote themselves and not actually the Model. Groups really don't specialize in getting gig's for the Models neither. So we created Famous Inked Models. 

Famous Inked Models was created June 2012. Very new to the industry but already accepted in the industry as well as recognized as the #1 Tattoo Modeling Agency in the World. And we just continue to move forward and stay humble through this journey. 

Who we are

We are very passionate about our Models and getting them the exposure and guidance they need to be successful in this industry. A lot of people think looks are number one. When reality is that your art work is number one. Having great art work is a big requirement, then 2nd is your looks and how you carry yourself. Personality is huge as well. So we just make sure that we represent the best and provide clients with the full package and leave them satisfied wanting more of us.

Dioncé "Famous" Robinson