Date: Sept. 1st 2015

Time: 10am-6pm

Location: Los Angeles, Ca.


Cost: $500

Booking deposit: $250


10-15 Photographers & 10 Models


Famous Inked Models is hosting a power shoot that we supply everything from the location to the Models. All you need to do is show up and shoot some of the hottest models in the industry. This is a chance to build or improve your portfolio. Most of these models would cost you anywhere from $500-$1500 EACH for a day (8 hours) and we are giving you a chance to shoot them ALL for only $500. 


The price includes location, models, & food. Models will be shooting in Bikinis, Lingerie, & Topless/Nude. (Only a select few will be shooting topless/nude for an additional fee that must be discussed with model)


****Photographers, spend your money wisely. Build your port with models that also will help you grow. Paying to shoot random models will get you nowhere slow. The models we have attending have all been published in major publications and magazine love them and want more of them. So doesn't that sound like a better model to invest in??? Just a thought...****


The location will be at a luxury home in Los Angeles county. There will be plenty of inside & outside spots to shoot. We will also have a white background set up for studio shots. Each photographer will be giving a chance to shoot each model that we have in attendance. You will also have the chance to set up private shoots with models at their own rates.


There will be a meet & greet starting at 10am-10:30am in which the shooting will start right after.



  1. Bernadette Macias

  2. Riley Jensen

  3. Angela Mazzanti

  4. Nina Kate

  5. Kim O'Connor

  6. Jay Kalin

  7. Lauren Nicole

  8. Alee Rose

  9. Misty Mason

  10. Darla Roseberry


For Photographers: 

  • Bring your own cameras, laptop, lights, flashes, etc. 

  • One assistant is allowed

  • No personal or company merchandises such as hats, shirts or any type of apparel or product is allowed.

  • Craft services will be provided 

  • Bring your own model release forms

  • A general agreement and release will need to be signed by all attending photographers for which the images from this event is to be used solely for portfolio, online portfolio or social media purpose only. 

  • If you are planning to use the images for submissions to publication, sell or/and distribute, please negotiate a rate with the models. We highly suggest a general model release for non-topless or non-nude rate to be set at $25 per release per model. Model release rate for the topless and nude models must be agreed between Photographers and Models. We recommend anywhere from $50-$100 per release per model. 

  • Photographers are encouraged to hire the models for private photo shoot session after the event at a private location, hotel, etc. Negotiation must be agreed upon between Photographer and Model.

  • There will be a few well known photographers there giving tips if needed. (more for the beginner photographers)

  • Payments will be made via Paypal or in-person with cash. No personal checks.


More Models will be added if we book more than 15 Photographers. But we are trying to keep it at the number we have it at right now.


Aspiring Models: If you are a aspiring model or a model that would love to shoot with our guest photographer Phillip Reardon (IG @Touchekvlt) and also meet and chat with our selected professional models attending then here is your chance. We will be booking 5 models that will get up to an hour shoot with 3 edits and also a day pass to meet and learn from some of the best inked models in the industry. The price is $250. Below will be a purchase link. Book fast, because the first 5 will be the ones getting in! 


For Models: 

  • There will be hair and makeup artists on hand to assist with touch-up but you will need to come with hair and makeup ready. 

  •  Bring various outfits, shoes, accessories (Bikinis & Lingerie)

  • Absolutely no escort(s), boyfriend(s) and/or husband(s) is allowed. 

  • Craft service will be provided for models.

  • All Models will be paid a flat rate plus any additional fee's charged to the photographer(s) by you such as shooting topless or nude. 

  • All the attending Photographers will sign a general release to use the images from this event solely for portfolio purpose only. If they want you to sign their own model release, $25 is recommend per release per Photographer. For topless and nude models, you can negotiate the rate for the model release but we highly recommend $50-$100 per release per Photographer. All earnings from the model releases are yours to keep. 


For questions or inquiries, please email:


To join this event and make a deposit. Please use link below



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