Heavily Tattooed Models on the Runway for NY Fashion Week 2014

Famous Inked Models are making a impact in the tattoo model industry. This passed weekend we were booked to walk the runway during NY Fashion Week for the Harlem's Fashion Row Fashion Show with designer K.Milele. The show was a huge success with Famous Inked Models killing the runway. Seeing tattooed models on any major fashion runway is very rare in which you might only see one select model with a few tattoos. But Famous Inked Models booked out 9 models total with most of them being considered heavily tattooed. A major step for the tattooed model industry and we will continue to help build this industry and take tattooed models to places they would've never thought they had a chance!

Images by Getty.com - Famous Inked Models Leah Jung, Sarah Maillet, Kris J Lind, Jaeden Zoe, Aimee, & JWallzzz.


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