Please send all submission to with the following info listed below. Thank you.



Make sure to send about 5-10 clear photos. Some professional (If you have) and some regular non-edited photos. All non-professional/non-edited images must be head & full body (front, back, sides) must display tattoos very well and be in bra&panties or two piece swimwear. Please do not send screen shot or IG edited images. Also please do not send censored image (We are adults and don't need to see censor bars on images) NO PHOTOS, NO REPSONSE.





Include name, location, age. Also please include height, weight, and measurements (Bust-Waist-Hips). Also send links to any social media (FB, IG, Twitter, etc) as well as online portfolio (ModelMayhem)

About You:


Let us know how long you have been Modeling and what is your passion for Tattoos and Modeling.




Model Submission